5 ways to manage time in government exams!: By Neetu Singh


Exams, whichever they are, for whatever competition/post they are for, they for eternity bring with them a jittery and confidence-bending vibe. This emotion haunts everybody, Aspirants frequently get off track in their planning for the exam. For Government exams, this feeling is twice as influential as the pressure to stand out among a million other likely job seekers increases.

Government job exams focus a lot on educational and general knowledge based areas. Thus implementation of your selected academic course and updating yourself with happenings around going on the globe is indispensable. So today, let’s collaborate and decide a time management regimen for your run up for the government exam. There are certain ways to manage time in government exams.

Use Time Judiciously

Utilizing your time according to the need of the exams is an essential thing that would help you to crack it. You need to analyze the time you would require to prepare for the said exam and begin dividing your time schedule accordingly. Since, you have a good insight of your own capabilities; you would easily be able to judge how much time and efforts you need to spend to achieve your goal. For example for SSC, you need to spend more time on Math and English which for Civil services IN GS and optional subjects.

Select a Time Slot for Each Subject

Any given exams consist of various subjects and units with different marks allotted to each. It will be utterly unwise of a student to spend all his time on a certain aspect of a syllabus while ignoring the other. The student should work on portions that he finds difficult as well as on those which he finds relatively easy. This will make his preparation strong and balanced. Studying a certain section only at the expense of others is a terrible studying methodology to follow.

Decorate Your Pillars

Make a plan on how to attempt your question paper. Paste the plan around you so that you are always ready to face the question with a set conscious methodology. Pasting the plan around you will keep reinforcing the attempt methodology that you plan to undertake and that shall give you an opportunity to give the question paper your best possible attempt.

Don’t be Scared

Our mind has a habit of getting panicked at crucial moments. This generally leads to a very bad performance and incorrect solving of questions. You should trust yourself and your preparations and never worry about the end results at the time of preparations or while taking the exams. All your concentration should go to the problem at hand and not on the outcome.

Revise, Revise & Revise!

Lastly, the most important or one should say the most ignored part of every exam preparation is not revising your covered content enough. Human brains tend to forget information acquired after a period of time, and as such it lies in your best interest that you study your content again and again. Another great mistake is to not revise your answer sheet before handing it back to the authorities. You must have done a few mistakes here and there in your answer sheet and revision is the time when you can correct them to get yourself the best results. For online exams, you need to be faster than others. So practice papers available online as much as possible.

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