How To Score High In The English Language Section Of SSC Exams?


The Staff Selection Commission conducts every year SSC CGL Exam, SSC CHSL Exam, SSC CPO Exam etc. There are 4 sections asked in the SSC Prelims exam that are the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness. English and Quantitative Aptitude are the two most Important Sections of the SSC Exam. For many candidates, it is still a question of how to prepare English for SSC Exams in Tier I and Tier II. It takes a deep knowledge of English Grammar Rules and a good hold on Vocabulary to score high in English Language. So prepare strategically and follow the tips and tricks provided in this blog suggested by Neetu Singh Ma'am to score high in the English Section easily. If you aren't sure where to begin or are looking for a more focused style of learning, read on. This strategy on how to Prepare English for SSC Exams will help you make a detailed plan on preparing English.

There are three sections in English Language in SSC Exams:

1. Vocabulary Section : This section contains Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word substitutions, and idioms/phrases. This section is very interesting because you can easily score maximum marks in the Vocab section.

2. Grammatical Section : This section solely depends on rules of English Grammar. Once you remember and understand all the important rules, this part can we cracked very easily. Most of the grammatical part is made of Parts of speech. You need to once go through all the parts of speech. This grammatical part plays an indispensable role in every type of question in the English section. Learn all the tenses and their use. 

3. Comprehensive Section : This section contains Reading Comprehensions and Cloze Test. candidates should develop reading skills and try to read from various resources and understand the logic behind each statement. This will also help candidates improve their reading speed which will again help them in solving Comprehension and Cloze Test related questions.

How To Prepare English For SSC Exam :


  • Improve your vocabulary: Candidates should focus on improving their vocabulary as it will help them in getting good marks in Antonyms, Synonyms, One Word Substitution, Idioms and Phrases etc. To improve vocabulary, candidates should read the newspaper on a daily basis and makes notes of the words that they do not know the meaning of particular word. Candidates should read the Vocab book written by Neetu Singh Ma'am and available in or nearby book shops. This books is launched in the month of January 2023.
  • Buildup your English Grammar : English Grammar will help candidates score good in the SSC Exams. This will help candidates solve questions from topics like Error detection, Fill in the blanks, Sentence Imrpvements, Cloze test, Sentence Rearrangement etc. Candidates should learn the basic grammar rules related to topics such as Parts of Speech, Voice, Tenses, Narration, Subject Verb Agreement etc. Candidates should try and understand the concepts behind all the rules of English grammar. Candidates should read the most important book of SSC Exam i.e. English For General Competiton (Volume - 1) written by Neetu Singh Ma'am.
  • Improving your Reading Skills: Candidates should develop reading skills and try to read from various resources i.e. News Papers, Atricle from Internet etc and understand the logic behind each statement. This will also help candidates improve their reading speed which will again help them in solving Comprehension related questions. Read the Descriptive Book written by Neetu Singh Ma'am.
  • Solve Previous Years Papers: Candidates should solve the previous year's questions asked in SSC Exam and understand the questions and solve the answers. The questions that you are not able to solve, candidates should try to solve from best SSC Teachers like Neetu Singh Ma'am. Join Neetu Singh Ma'am batch to solve the previous year question papers as well as Practice and Model Questions.
  • Practice Mock Test Online/Offline: Candidates should attempt as Many Mock Tests as possible to make a strategy so as to how they should attempt the paper to score the maximum within the given time. Attempting Mock tests will be good practice for candidates. Candidates should also analyze the mock tests and note down their mistakes and rectify them. Candidate should visit the or KDLive App for the latest pattern Mock Test prepared by best Team of KD Campus.


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